Another month, another (late) discount – plus a note on the special offer

Oof, late on yet another discount! Sorry friends. Anyway, this month I’m offering $4 flat off ghost pins just for you – that makes it a 40% off discount if you buy 1, 20% off if you buy two, etc. Just use the code “GGGHOSTS” and you’ve got it!

Also: I haven’t addressed the special offer yet. It’s done! It’s over! We’ve got patrons new and old! I’m REALLY EXCITED to hand-letter all your names, but obviously I’m pretty slammed with Inktober, so I won’t be able to get to them until after Halloween. In the meantime, if you have a specific way your name should be written (first name only, first + last initial, nickname, actually your dog’s name, etc.) please be sure to let me know! 

PS: Unfortunately I will not be taking style requests at this time, since this is supposed to be an exercise for me – I want free reign to try new things! But I’ll consider taking commissions for more specific styles in the future, once I feel more comfortable doing so.