Pin update! Seconds sale upcoming!

If you were wondering what happened to that pin design I posted a few weeks ago… my manufacturer messed up the translucent colors, twice!

So I’m waiting on a third remake, whoops. At least the 2nd time was caught by my rep before it went in the mail! I did however get a new batch of black nickel ghost pins that look great, so those will be going online sometime in September.

In other news – I’m participating in a seconds sale this weekend, starting Friday at noon. This is another group charity thing benefitting Girls Who Code. It will also be my last seconds sale until December – and I generally don’t list seconds on my website unless I’ve run out of standard grade for that design – so if you were waiting for something, now’s your chance!

PS: this month’s stickers have been ordered and will be shipped to me shortly, and then I will send them to you!